Dr. Ken Atkinson

Dr. Ken Atkinson died earlier this week and, like many others, I am feeling the loss of a good man and a fine photographer. He lived a long life and I was privileged to be a shooting partner of his for a number of years. Ken loved to photograph birds (especially) and flowers and I’ve tried to show a representative sample of his work in this post, as well as an image made by me of Ken.

Before Ken took up his camera relatively late in life, he took up the scalpel. He had a reputation as a fine surgeon for many years. He operated out of St. Paul’s Hospital (where he ultimately died).

He was a longtime active member at First Baptist Church (Vancouver). I first made Ken’s acquaintance when we served on the church board together for a few years. He seemed to me to be a man who thought things through carefully before speaking. I have had no reason to alter my opinion over the years of our friendship.


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  1. Thankyou for putting this short montage of Dr. Atkinson’ photos together and I especially love the photo of him in his Tilley hat & birding vest. I knew Dr. Atkinson from St. Paul’s where I worked with him over his last years in surgical practice; he was such a thoughtful, patient and caring man both with patients and staff. I’m speaking from the perspective of head nurse on the post-op surgical unit where most of his patients recovered at the time he retired; we sure missed him. For the most part, that unit was an entry to practice area for newly graduated RN staff, but also had a diminishing number of senior nursing staff what with our baby boomer nurses moving on. Dr. Atkinson welcomed all comers by offering an open quiet approach and one on one teaching with those who chose to approach with questions or at rounds. I am sad to know he has died, what a wonderful man he was; with deepest sympathy to his family and friends. Susan Cush, retired nurse.

  2. Dr. Atkinson was an excellent surgeon and, most of all, a real gentleman. All the O.R. Nurses loved and respected him. He will be missed by many.

  3. Dr. Atkinson was on St. Paul’s staff when I arrived ther from the east coast. He was such a pleasure to work for and a great teacher. A strong quiet gentle man.

  4. I worked alongside Dr Atkinson on the wards and in the operating room. He was a very competent surgeon an excellent teacher and a consummate gentleman. He was kind with his patients as well as cordial to all the staff he worked with. He always made one feel at ease when one worked in the OR with him.I always remember when I started to take the OR course at St Paul’s (and I had worked with Dr Atkinson on the wards) on my first scrub with him he very kindly introduced me to the team saying, ” This is Esme one of the best surgical ward nurses.” Needless to say I was proud to be described thus by a surgeon of Dr Atkinson’s calibre. He will be missed.

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