In Pender/Hastings Financial District



South side Hastings

SFU Bk of Montreal complex

Silhouette of sculpture in 402 W Pender lobby


Sun II

Beatty St Drill Hall – Dunsmuir Entry

Beatty St Drill Hall

Telus Reflections

Telus bldg exterior

VPL Coliseum

VPL Collisseum

Convention Centre Reflections

Convention Centre II Olympic exterior.jpg

Westside Church in VPL’s Shadow

Centre with VPL Shadow

Quacker Nation

Mallard Male at Sechelt Marsh

Mallard Male (with Straw on his beak) at Sechelt Marsh.

Mallard Female at Sechelt Marsh

Mallard Female at Sechelt Marsh.

Mallard Male at Sechelt Marsh 2

Mallard Male next to Sechelt Marsh.

Deas ‘Tunnel Vision’

Deas 4

An abstract view of cars moving through the Deas Island Tunnel while travelling north-bound (I wasn’t driving). AKA “George Massey Tunnel”. 2018. The tunnel is expected to be replaced with a bridge, at some point.